Voice over IP VOIP has more features for local and long distance calling. VOIP Just plug your phone into the adapter, start making calls and start saving money!

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Get your first month service with Call2Yap Residential Unlimited

So many features for so little money
When you switch to Call2Yap broadband phone service, you'll pay a lot less to get more from your home phone. We offer unlimited calling to the US, Canada and 24 International countries for one flat rate of $26.99/month. We also offer exceptional sound quality, and a bunch of features - including voicemail, caller ID, call conferencing, call forwarding and many more. You can even choose your area code and keep your phone number wherever you go.

Add Virtual Numbers
Add multiple phone numbers in different area codes and different countries to your Phone account.

It's easy.
Sign up and we'll send you everything you need. You'll be up and running with Call2Yap phone service in less than five minutes.

It's reliable.
Just plug your existing home phone into the free adapter, plug the adapter into your high-speed Internet line, and you're good to go.

It's inexpensive.
Choose from four great home phone plans:

$26.99 - Residential Unlimited

Unlimited calls to the US, Canada and 24 international destinations.


$21.99 - North America Unlimited Plan

Unlimited calls to anywhere in the US and Canada


$19.99 - 600 Business Plan
600 Minutes to the US, Canada and
24 international destinations.


$13.99 - 300 Business Plan
300 Minutes to the US, Canada and 24 international destinations.

Switch to Call2Yap and start saving big money on all your phone calls.

PLEASE NOTE: An internet connection such as Cable or DSL is required to use the Call2Yap Service.


Please send any questions concerning our services to: info@call2yap.com